My name is Milan Adamov and I’m writing from a small town called Pancevo, in Serbia.
I once dreamed of being a biologist, but ended up pursuing another dream which led me to virtual reality. I like to know things about stuff and how stuff works and I found that the World of Computer Graphics is the way to make it interesting.

Everything you see in my gallery is modeled and textured using Blender. Most of these renders (if not all) were done with Cycles.
My first contact with Blender was quite intimidating. It was version 2.48 that I downloaded and first had contact with. Once I opened it I found myself in a forest of buttons. It seemed to me at the time that every button opens another window with another array of buttons for me to push. A formidable opponent. After a few months of mental preparation I opened it once again and went on it as David went on Goliath. It turned out that it only wants to play and is a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

Love shortcuts, puns and puzzles…hence loving to work in Blender.
I also like playing video games with great story line and element of discovery.
When I’m not playing games I learn to play a guitar or take take long walks exploring nature.

For more information consult my resume

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